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Tailor-made crypto features

$RAINBOW was designed by experienced programmers, crypto investors and marketers that all have experience in the BSC DeFi space!

Read below to get a simple overview of the 7 protocols that compose our tokenomics.


There are 3 ways tokens are burned in $RAINBOW. Together, they all aim to reduce the circulating supply.

Token Buyback

A portion of buys and sells will build up BNB in the RAINBOW contract. This BNB can then be used at a later date to purchase RAINBOW from the PancakeSwap liquidity pool and immediately burn these tokens.

Autonomous Yield

With each transaction, every person holding $RAINBOW will receive extra tokens automatically straight into their wallets.


A cut of each transaction is put towards a charity donation pot to aid in making a better & green future for us and this planet.

Auto-growing Liquidity

With each trade, the underlying liquidity automatically grows. This means a stronger token, and less volatility.

Marketing Outreach

A small cut of each transaction is used to go towards marketing the project and various business costs, keeping its name and brand alive.

Lucky Dip

The contract grows a portion of tokens over time. With each $RAINBOW buy, you will have a chance to win the entire prizepool!

For detailed information, please read our technical whitepaper.


RAINBOW aims to not only help the world but inspire competitors to really look at placing wealth where it matters the most.

Each week we take suggestions for a particular area of charity (such as ecosystem preservation, cancer research or animal welfare), and the top three suggestions go into a poll where the outcome of the poll wins the allocated charity.

We have already donated a collective $43,750 to charities chosen by our community members.

Rainbow Trust

$10,000 Donated

Rainbow Trust is a leading organisation providing support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.


Charity: Water

$2,500 Donated

charity:water is a non-profit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.


Save the Children

$1,250 Donated

Save the Children exist for children. To help them learn, grow and become who they want to be. No matter where they’re growing up.


Family Promise

$10,000 Donated

Family Promise is Americas leading organisation working to prevent and end family homelessness.


Rainforest Partnership

$10,000 Donated

Rainforest Partnership is an impact-driven international nonprofit that wields the power of collaboration to keep forests standing


Oceanic Society

$10,000 Donated

Oceanic Society are a nonprofit working to create a more oceanic society through research, conservation, and nature travel programs.


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